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G.O. Hair Growth Oil.

G.O. Hair Growth Oil. Promotes hair growth in both men and women. Perfect to use as a Beard Oil for men. Made with our blend of natural ingredients.

DIRECTONS: Apply a few drops on scalp and using fingertips massage directly to scalp. Allow a few minutes for product to absorb. For best results, use before going to bed every other day, ex: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and wash out next day. 

For best results use a soft boar bristle brush or baby brush to stimulate growth.

The same process can be used for beard growth.

Increase usage as desired.

Please allow sufficient time for the product to work. For most, improvements may be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks, for some even sooner! 

Patience and consistency are key!

**Individual results vary**

There are multiple reasons and factors that can affect results such as: age, hormonal imbalances, stress, health conditions, medications, genetics, harsh chemical hair treatments/shampoos, hard water, etc .

Overall we have seen great results from our customers/retailers!

G.O. Hair Growth Oil.