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GREEN OCTO Hair Growth Oil


Promotes growth, softens, and conditions hair without leaving a greasy residue.  Add to tips of the hair and massage a few drops directly to the scalp. Use a soft bristle brush to promote stimulation on the scalp.  For best results use as an overnight leave-in treatment, 3-4 times a week or every other night. Wash hair as usual in the morning if desired. 

Great Peppermint scent! 

Do not apply to open wounds or scars.

*Individual results vary.


GREEN OCTO Hair Growth Oil 15ml Dropper

GREEN OCTO Hair Growth Oil PLUS Moisturizing Shampoo ( Cherry Blossom Scent)

Make it a Combo! Our Moisturizing Shampoo is made for all hair types. 

Softens and conditions while leaving hair smelling amazing! Use your favorite conditioner to add your own special touch.

8 oz. Bottle

15 ml. Dropper

GREEN OCTO Hair Growth Oil PLUS Moisturizing Shampoo (Cherry Blossom Scent)

GREEN OCTO Eyelash Growth Serum

Helps promote healthy lash & eyebrow growth naturally.

Use small amount using wand tip on eyelash line avoid contact with eye. use finger tipe to massage and distribute evenly on eyelesh.  Apply to eyebrow and massage with finger tip. Use a soft bristtle brush to promote stimulation on eyebrow. For best results use before bedtime! Fast absorbing formula. Don't forget to take your before and after photos. Use as every night.

*Individual results vary


GREEN OCTO Eyelash Growth Serum

GREEN OCTO Essential Face Serum 

CBD Infused 

Soften and condition your skin after an evening face wash. Use before going to bed. Helps with age and sunspots.  Soothes and conditions. 1 pump goes a long way.  Massage evenly on the face and neck. Use as desired.  Allow product to absorb before going to bed.  Any remaining product left after applying use on hands and arms.

15ml Pump Bottle.


GREEN OCTO Essential Face Serum CBD Infused