What our customers are saying about Green Octo

Jennie Callaway

-July 25, 2017

My son, sister and I visited El Paso in February. We found the GreenOcto booth at a downtown El Paso Farmer's Market. I was searching for a great product that d... See More

Rosie Varela

- September 28, 2017

Everything, from the quality of the products to the big hearts who create them, is wonderful! Am proud and grateful to support this amazing El Paso business and movement for good!

Nicholas Colwell

- July 27, 2017

Great products by great people. My hair and beard have never looked better. Smells great, too! Not overpowering but not too subtle. Love these guys.

Tracy Webb

-September 24, 2017

I love the products, but the sales team stole my heart.

Felipe Loza

-August 8, 2017

The Beard oil is the BEST. Great customer service with Great Products. Amazing stuff.

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Community Events

Cancer Warrior

May 2014

In March 2012 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma stage 3. After harsh chemotherapy, numerous procedures with radiation, and surgeries my skin was dry and irritated. Desperate for soft skin, I saw numerous dermatologist. Nothing they prescribed or sold to me worked on my dry ashy skin. My hair wouldn't grow past my shoulders. 

I decided to create something completely natural to help all skin types to include children. 

What is Green Octo? It is all natural skin care using grade A oils.

Meaning behind the name

Green=nature, everything that is pure.

Octo=An octopus self heals, In life we fall 7 times but rise 8.

Cancer Art Show 2017

August 7, 2017

1st annual Cancer art show was created to help other survivors and family heal thru art! Many talented artist participated with amazing pieces. The event took place at Dave and Busters El Paso location. Proceeds where donated to the El Paso's Children's Hospital and Bowling family YMCA Livestrong.

Cancer Art Show 2018

July 23, 2018

2nd Annual Cancer Art Show 2018

🐙❤️ Healing through HeART ❤️ 🎨

Music 🎶 Local Art 🎨 and much more!

Free Community Event at Dave & Buster's July 23rd.

As a Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3 Cancer Survivor, art was a form of healing. Our goal is to bring the community together and cause awareness for all types of cancers. You are not alone. We welcome current survivors, family and those who have lost a loved one to cancer. You are also invited to create your own art piece to represent what cancer means to you via your own personal experience based on how you see cancer through your own eyes. Donated art work sales will benefit Make A Wish Foundation of El Paso.

If you are interested in participating and donating and art piece please contact us via email [email protected]

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